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Felipe Recio writes for BONSAI ACTUAL magazine and has had articles published in specialised European and American journal.

Juniperus thurifera Article

"... The most striking aspect of a tree is the texture of its bark. Once the bark reaches a certain age, the layers of bark grow over each other and become entwined, creating grooves along the trunk and giving the appearance of strength and of age…”
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landscapes article

"...If, as sometimes happens, bonsai landscapes are often left to grow freely and uncared for over a long period of time after they have been created, they lose their original shape..."

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juniper tree article

"...Start and development of Shari and Jin in a juniper tree..."

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tree of death article

"...It is popularly known as the “tree of death” as it is highly poisonous. It is poisonous from its roots to its leaves, except for the fleshy part of the fruit..."

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