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He is subscribed to the most renowned bonsai art magazines: NIPPON BONSAI ASOCIATION, KINDAI SHUPPAN, SHINKIKAKU-SHA, and WABI, as well as BONSAI ACTUAL, which is published in Spain. These journals help him to gain new knowledge and learn new techniques.

Following a demonstration he carried out at the European Congress in Valencia, where many well-known Japanese masters were present, the renowned NIPPON BONSAI ASSOCIATION magazine published an article that names him as one of the great European masters.

Ogasawara, bonsai master
Opasawaka master

He has taken part in numerous national and international competitions, at which he has been amongst the top prize winners every time.

He was amongst the top prize winners in the European and Spanish Congresses held in Valencia, both in the categories of Best Tree and Best Bonsai Collection.

He was awarded the first prize for the best Bonsai by the jury of experts at the Congress held in October 1998, and was also voted first in the Best Bonsai category by the public.

Suiseki Mistral contest Valencia, 1998 Expo Bio Jardi Europe Bonsai Convetion JAL Contest