Demonstration at the European Congress

Demonstration Expo Jardi

Felipe Recio received the GOLD MEDAL for the best specimen and the GOLD MEDAL for the best landscape at EXPOBONSAI – 90.

His long-standing involvement in the world of bonsai has led him to conduct numerous conferences and demonstrations as well as a number of workshops, both in Spain and across Europe, and he has designed oriental gardens in the provinces of Catalonia and Alicante.

When Mr Felipe González was the Head of the Spanish Government, he was invited to the Palacio de la Moncloa to exchange ideas on the care and maintenance of the Palace’s Bonsais.

He took part in the design and construction of the oriental gardens in Barcelona’s Montjuďc Park, which stand alongside the works of many other great gardening professionals. These gardens were met with resounding success by the public.

As coordinator of activities for the Catalan Bonsai Association, Felipe Recio had the honour of receiving the full support and approval of its Chairman at the time, Mr Durán i Farell. They maintained a friendship based on their shared interest in bonsai, of which Mr Durán i Farell was a connoisseur, as well as being well-versed in all aspects of oriental philosophy. The two would spend hours exchanging ideas hidden away in Mr Durán i Farell's home.